Vagabond House Pewter Medici Ice Bucket


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Vagabond House Antler Pewter Medici Wine Bucket. Vagabond House is American designed tableware that uses only the highest quality materials. Vagabond pewter will tarnish very slowly and requires little maintenance. To clean your pewter after use, hand wash in warm water using liquid dish soap. Dry the pewter completely in order to prevent the water droplets from spotting the pewter. If you wish to polish your pewter, most metal polishes can be used. Because pewter is a soft metal, mildly abrasive metal polishing creams can buff out scratches and bring luster back to a frequently used piece. Vagabond House has gained a reputation for products adorned with antler handles. All of their antler is shed naturally and hand-milled by experienced craftsmen in America. Vagabond House stands behind every product with a lifetime replacement program for workmanship. Antler has been used since the beginning of time to make handles for tools and Vagabond house finds that man cannot improve on nature. All the horn at Vagabond House is naturally shed and a renewable product since they grow back every year. Antler will darken and gain a rich patina with age.
Dimensions (Inches): 8.75 x 6