2014 Dry Creek Vineyard Old Vine Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley 750 mL Wine


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First coined by founder David Stare in 1987, the term "Old Vine" has special meaning to our winery. Although there is no legal definition, we define an old vine vineyard as having vines that average more than 50 years in age. In the case of our Old Vine Zinfandel, the vines are more than 95 years in age and in some cases, more than 110 years old! Old Vine Zinfandel vineyards remain the most prized and historic of all plantings in the Dry Creek Valley. An extremely dry winter began the 2014 growing season, giving us year number three of the drought.Unusually warm days in January and February were cause for concern. However, rain came in March and April at just the right time to recharge the ground water for the early growing season. Warm dry weather extended into summer, with very few heat spikes and ideal growing conditions. Harvest came fast and early with ripe flavors at sugar levels lower than normal. The fruit tasted beautiful as it came into the winery. Harvest finished earlier than normal and in December 2014, the winery had almost 20 inches of rain in two weeks - a welcome relief for the dry vineyards!