2013 Matthews Claret – Columbia Valley 750 mL


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Philosophy The Claret for Matthews has always filled the traditional role of a second selection wine in a winery with a flagship blend. The Claret is traditionally focused more on elegance than on structure, like the Red Wine. The Claret has always been a tremendous value for our customers. Showing clean ripe fruit and a much more modest oak program, the Matthews Claret leads a segment of value driven every day wines Winemaking Always looking at wine as forever evolving, I have come to realize more and more that the way in which I choose to make my wines can display so much more than I may have originally intended. I strive to produce deep, rich textured wines, without making them too heavy or unapproachable early in their release. In doing so I believe that the wines display a much cleaner distinctive nose that allows the person enjoying the wine to be able to clearly access the different dimensions of the wine. All too often I find that many good wines display potential but in a way that doesn't leave a singular flow from nose to finish. I prefer to present a wine that leaves no confusion for the consumer of the wines, in a way that what they smell will be duplicated in the actual tasting of the wine. A wine that has rich, clean, textured fruit in the nose should have rich, clean, textured fruit in the palette. This becomes harder to do without the ability to access fruit in the vineyard and start making decisions then as to the way in which you should care for that fruit throughout the rest of the wine making process. This holistic approach is what I strive for in every wine I make; only time will tell if I succeeded. WS TOP 100 AWARD WINNER - 93 PTS
WS TOP 100 WINE AWARD - 2016