2013 Iris Vineyards Oregon Pinot Noir 750 mL


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A spring frost event caused yields to be lower than average in our Chalice Vineyard. Fortunately, the growing season was warm and we experienced satisfactory fruit set. Warm weather continued through September causing us to hope for another vintage like 2012. In the last week of September, nature dealt us a blow. We received over 5 inches of rain in 3 days right when fruit maturity was reaching its apex. This event forced us to start harvesting frantically before the crop experienced another rain event and fell apart. Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated crew and superb season-long vineyard management practices, we harvested a crop we are proud of given the unprecedented rain event. Wines made in the Willamette Valley in the challenging vintage of 2013 are a great measure of the talents and efforts of winemakers and vineyard managers.