20 Inch Commercial Beer and Wine Filters BWPES2520 by Critical Process


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Our beer / wine filters are constructed with polyethersulfone(PES) membrane media. This is the ideal choice for the fermented beverage industry. To control spoilage is it essential to filter out microorganisms. PES media effectively removes microorganisms while resisting protein binding. Thus PES is by far the most cost effective filtration media for the beer and wine industry. Dimensions 2.75 inch width x 20 inch length. Flow Rate - The flow rate is approximately 15 gallons with the 20 inch cartridge. Pore Size: Cartridges are available in .45 and .65 absolute microns. Stainless Steel Ring: Cartridges that will undergo repeated autoclave cycles or otherwise be exposed to high temperatures should have a stainless steel ring configuration. This will preserve the integrity of the end cap. End Cap Configuration Images, Explanation and Technical Data